Friday, April 16, 2010

Got my laptop desk!

I finally picked up my laptop desk today and it's all set up to pay some bills!

I've been wanting this desk ever since a work off-site to the Capitol in February.  So after waiting a while to buy it and suffering through the process of picking it up (don't ask), I was so excited to finally get it home tonight.
Nice shoes

It has 2 drawers, and the desktop pulls out for a computer, or stationery for you old folks.

I put all my supplies used for paying bills in the drawers - we have an office set up upstairs, but since I usually pay bills in the living room, it makes more sense for these supplies to be down here, where I need them.  We'll leave the actual office for the computer and photography stuff, and files.  I feel like it's more practical this way, rather than getting annoyed that I have to go up to the office every time I need a stamp or envelope.  Also, I can keep bills that are ready to be mailed in the desk, rather than carrying them in my purse or leaving them out on the coffee table, which can look messy.

I put my label maker and checks in the awesome cubbies.  I'm sure I'll think of more things to store in the desk, but this is a good start.

On the bottom shelf, I put a basket full of maps to places we've been, and some we'd like to visit.  This way they're all in one place, and they're right by the front door so we can grab a Richmond map or antique guide on the way out the door.

Once I secured everything in its place and closed the lid of the desk, I set up the charging center on top.  Dave has a charging caddy that was in the library, but it's hidden behind the front door and hard to get to in a hurry out the door.  We have chargers for our cell phones and iPods set up right next to our wonderful $4 Pfaltzgraff  key bowl.  Since I wouldn't want to mess up the top of the desk, I added some tiny furniture pads to the bottom of the bowl to avoid scratches.

Once I set up the charging station and key bowl, I had to test it to make sure I'd get that CLINK that I've been craving...

Here it is all set up:


  1. it looks great kristen. so happy for you to have this :) the map basket is a wonderful idea too!!!

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