Monday, April 5, 2010

Farmville road trip: Take 2

Since our last trip to Farmville was a bust, Bonnie, Ashley, and I went back this weekend for shopping, Amish-stalking, and general road trip fun.

After breakfast at Brick House Diner, my favorite locally-owned and -operated restaurant, we headed out of town and got a great parking space in downtown Farmville in the shopping district...and by district, I mean 2 city blocks. 
First stop was the Green Front Accessories store - Green Front is to Farmville as Donald Trump is to New York City.  You can't walk 10 feet without stepping onto one of his properties.  I believe I saw 3 separate storefronts:  accessories, furniture, and rugs/carpets.  Great stuff, but out of my price range. 

Several other stores offered linens, Vera Bradley, Cat's Meow (does 4 pieces really qualify you to be a 'dealer'?), and other crafy and antique-y things.  I loved all the creative displays the shops had - made me feel like I was walking into someone's living room or garden patio.

One of the last stores we visited was Amish Originals - as soon as I walked in, I was taken back to Amish country by the smell of fresh-cut wood and candles.  When we walked in, an employee told us all the furniture was made in Holmes County, OH, and we all looked at each other and told him Nate's family is from there.  Another employee came over to us and asked for Nate's name and after hearing they have the same last name, she used a genealogy website to see that Nate's dad and her mom are 3rd cousins.  Small world!

 They had the most beautiful quilts and furniture!  We even saw a hand-made barn toy - a boy's version of a dollhouse.  Awesome - and the price was so right I was tempted to buy it on the spot!  But I didn't....

And, of course, hearing about Amish country, we got into the mood of stalking any potential Amish families in the area, hoping to find roadside stands and vegetables and bare-footed children running around in their plan garb.  We asked if there were any such families around, and Bonnie's new long-lost relative told us about a meat and cheese deli up the road.  Off we went to Miller's Country Store for lunch and some treats.  We asked about vegetable stands there, too, but they didn't know of any.  I guess it's still too early in the year for what I was hoping to see.  After a quick stop at Farmer's Daughters Country Store it was time to head home.

As far as purchases, it was a bust.  I could have spent hundreds on knick-knacks but I restrained myself and only bought 1 kitchen dish towel with vegetables all over it - best $3.50+tax I spent all week.

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