Monday, April 19, 2010

80's movie day!

Yesterday was our 80's movie day - had some girls over to relive the pain and torture of the 80's, along with the awesome clothes and poofed hair! 

After perusing the internets for invitation and decorating options, I decided to go with a movie night theme rather than 80's because of availability and consistency of products available.  I could find awesome 80's plates, but no matching napkins, or vice versa, so I went with the popcorn/director's chair/slate board theme, with 80's favors and extra touches.

Here is the invitation I sent out - bought the paper and die-cut from a cute store in Short Pump, By Invitation Only.  They have a whole wall full of novelty paper that will work for just about any party and theme you could imagine!

I made favor bags, filled with retro candy, like Razzles, ring pops, candy necklaces, etc., and I threw in some jelly bracelets and a banana clip!  Couldn't find any slap bracelets, though - Bummer!  On the outside of the favor bags, I wrote some of my favorite movie quotes from 80's movies, like "I can't believe my grandmother actually felt me up!" from "16 Candles," and "Goonies never say die!" from (duh) "Goonies."  You can see them here with the snacks ready to be eaten!

Bonnie had the idea to put out some of my favorite 80's toys, so I went into my childhood box in the attic to get my favorite Cabbage Patch Kid, My Child, and Care Bear!  The attic is a mess now, but it was worth it.  I'll get everything back in its place soon.  Here are my friends:

When the girls got there, we caught up on the stories of the week with some 80's tunes rockin' on the stereo, while sipping Pinot Grigio Champagne or Diet Coke :)  and snacked on chips and salsa, and muenster cheese and pepperoni.  Sharon popped the champagne cork out on the deck, and we couldn't find the cork afterward!  Bummer, since Dave and I collect corks from bottles we polish off, though I suppose the neighbor's dog, Midnight, will find it eventually...

Then it was time to choose what we'd watch - beforehand I had gone through our movie collection, along with some DVD's Bonnie let me borrow for the party.  I wrote down all the 80's movies on little slips of paper and put them all in a popcorn bag...when a name was drawn, the rule was that we had to watch whatever movie was written down, unless the majority of us felt 'meh' about it...this rule allowed us to eliminate "Just One of the Guys" and "Summer Rental," which, although well-loved in my house, are both pretty obscure, and we moved on to bigger and better movies.

First up was "Say Anything," which is my almost favorite 80's movie, inferior only to "Pretty In Pink," and it goes a little something like this:
  • Lloyd, Lloyd ("all null and void") has a high school crush on the unattainable, smart, beautiful Diane Court
  • Diane Court has to look him up in the yearbook to see who he is after she accepts his party invitation
  • Diane realizes the boys she's gone out with in the past were everything she thought she wanted, but not what she needed
  • They fall in love, and she moves from being able to say anything to her dad, to her dad being investigated for tax fraud and her saying all those anythings to Lloyd,, Lloyd, all null and void.
  • He gives her his heart and she gives him a pen
  • They get back together as her dad goes to jail for said tax fraud
  • They fly off into the sunset, er, to London for college
  • The End
Here's the trailer:

And the pivotal scene, where, after 8 unreturned phone calls, Lloyd has no choice but to stand outside Diane's bedroom window with a boom box playing the song that was on the stereo after their first 'time.'

The pizza arrived just as the movie was ending (perfect timing, right?) and we took a little break.  Next, we watched "Mannequin," but quickly realized we only really wanted to see the montage where they traipse around the store in a million different outfits, and the wedding scene, where we finally heard the song we tried to recall for 20 minutes or so, but kept singing the prom song from "Pretty in Pink" instead.

After our fast forward tour of "Mannequin" we had dessert - strawberry shortcake on what else but Strawberry Shortcake plates!  I tried to find my Strawberry Shortcake in the attic, but she wasn't with the other toys, but the plates provided enough nostalgia to make us go 'awwwww...'

Once our bellies were full,  we chose another movie from the popcorn bag.  And the winner was- "Sixteen Candles:"
  • Samantha wakes up on the morning of her 16th birthday, hoping to have transformed overnight into a goddess who can bag Jake Ryan, which is the equivalent of me thinking I could bag Tug Coker when I turned 16
  • Her birthday is totally overshadowed by her sister's impending nuptials and her whole family forgets
  • She has various run-ins with 'the geek' that day at school
  • She goes to a dance, where she stares at Jake, to an embarrassing degree, and he notices
  • Jake asks 'the geek' about Samantha and they form a weird and mostly-unbelievable friendship - only in the movies, kids
  • The geek tells Jake that Samantha is into him, after Jake confesses that he's ready for a real girlfriend who wants to be with him because she loves him, not because he's the hottest guy in school
  • Almost as unbelievable as the friendship between Jake and the geek is when Jake goes to find Samantha and sweep her off her feet after her sister's wedding
  • He makes her a birthday cake and they share the most suspenseful lean-in-to-a-kiss scene we have ever watched on the big screen, much like the first Joey/Dawson kiss in season 1 of "Dawson's Creek"
  • The End
 Here's the trailer:

And the scene that made Ashley want to shoot someone - AUTOMOBIIIILE?:

It was a fun day!  I'm sad "Pretty in Pink" wasn't chosen from the popcorn bag, but I can watch Andie, Ducky, and Blaine's hi jinks another time!  Check out Ashley's costume - she was rockin' the 80's gear!

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