Friday, April 16, 2010

Poor Ukrop's

I went to Ukrop's today to pick up some last minute things for our party this weekend, and the one I chose is apparently in the next phase of stores to be converted, because they had a ton of stuff on sale!  The best deals I found were in produce, where I got a tub of baby spinach for 89 cents!  They also had good deals on cheeses, so I had an idea for dinner!

I love white pizza - it's an acquired taste, and isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for me.  Best white pizza on the planet based on my research so far:  Corolla Pizza on 12 North.  Anyways, my idea was to get rid of some crescent rolls that were about to expire in my fridge by making white pizza rollups!  So while i was strolling Ukrop's I picked up my 89 cent spinach, chicken shortcuts, some cheeses, and I was on my way to a fabulous dinner! 

Since the white part of white pizza is the same as the cheese recipe you stuff stuffed shells with, and since I never seem to have the recipe in mind before I go shopping, whenever I make white pizza I just pick up a box of shells (as in stuffed shells) from the pasta section and carry it around the store with me to get my ingredients, then put it back on the shelf.  Only this time, the recipe on the back of the shells box was for meat-stuffed shells instead of cheese, so that didn't work.  So I had to guess the portions and types of cheeses I needed.  You'd think I'd know them by heart by now, but I don't.  My brain is full of too many other random pieces of informations.

Bored yet?  Ok, I'll get on with it.

Here's how I made my white pizza rollups - combine cheeses, salt, pepper, parsley for stuffing and spread it on the crescent roll, add chicken, a layer of shredded mozzarella cheese, some spinach and roll it up. 

Done!  Repeat 11 more times and they're ready to go in the oven!

Here's the finished product!  YUM!

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