Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter craftiness

I wanted to surprise the girls with an Easter craft project after our trip to Farmville.  I went back and forth with myself between naturally dyeing eggs and a more simple project, like an Easter version of a gingerbread house.  While browsing in Target one lazy Saturday, I came upon a set of pre-cooked and cut sugar cookies in a kit, including sprinkles and icing.  I thought it could be fun, but didn't want to cheap out at the time.  I still had my heart set on some fancy, crafty, brilliant project. 

We all know I eventually landed on the easy way... :)  I went back to Target last week and got the cookie decorating set.

Everybody got 4 cookies and the tools to choose whatever color combination and decoration they wanted.  I have to admit, I did not excel at this activity, as seen below. It's supposed to be a butterfly, but after attempting to add antenae that looked awful, I attempted to cover up my mistake by going all abstract and covering the whole thing with pink swirlies...

Here's my egg - makes the butterfly one pale in comparison...I'll call that one practice :)

We worked hard on them - the finished products were cute!
I can't remember whose are whose at this point, other than mine...oops!

After a road trip and our craftiness, we were pooped, so we settled in with some baked ziti and watched Pretty Woman, much to Dave's dismay, who disappeared to his office half-way through.  Good day...

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