Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Charming Charlie...

Back in November, a new store opened in Fredericksburg called Charming Charlie.  It's an accessories store, and I was bummed that Fred had something RVA didn't.  Jealous much?  I did some shopping there one day, and fell in love!  I got a ton of necklaces, bracelets, a sunglasses case, and a pair of earrings, and most pieces are less than $10 - it's not high-end stuff, more like what you'd find at Target or Kohl's, but way cheaper!

Well, guess what?  RVA has one now!  Yay!  It's at Regency Square, so I'm scared it won't be around for long.  Regency tends to make stores go bye-bye.  It's the mall people used to go to before Short Pump opened...kinda like Cloverleaf is the mall people used to go to before Chesterfield Towne Center opened.

My favorite thing about this place is how it's organized.  How many times have you gone to a jewelry store looking for a piece to match a specific outfit, but can't find the perfect piece in the right color?  It's like you have to know the style you want, and then hope to find the right color.  Charming Charlie has it all figured out - they organize the pieces by color!  If you want a pink bracelet, go to the pink section:

If you want a silver cross, go to the silver section and there's a whole rack of crosses, waiting to be worn!

If you want a purple necklace, well, you get it by now:

I guess keys are popular right now, because they had a ton:

I picked up a few pieces - 2 with turquoise, which I'm apparently into this season, and a necklace with a vintagey cameo:


  1. Charming Charlie is awesome!!! (I'm not just saying that cuz they paid me to talk good about them either) ;)

  2. Thanks for featuring Charming Charlie in your blog!! We have added your blog to our blog mentions page on our website. It’s a page we created exclusively for showcasing Charming Charlie blog mentions!