Friday, February 26, 2010

Billpaying desk...

At the Capitol today, in the "Capitol Disaster" room, there were desks with lids that can be opened for storage - like the ones we used to have in school, only the 18th century version.  They are awesome!  They were lined up in rows, and I could imagine all the great minds that used those desks...nevermind that they might be reproductions! 

They reminded me of a desk I saw the other night at the furniture store.  Only this one is called a laptop desk and I'm visualizing it not with a quill pen and ink well, but with a charging station and a bowl to throw my keys into, making that CLINK sound.  Best part?  It's only $149.99! 

Here it is, closed:

And open, showing all the awesome cubbies and hiding places:

Now, I must wait until I can drop $149.99 on it.........

In other news, the dining room project is on hold indefinitely, but I'm going to use all my inspiration to DIY some curtains for the living room instead.  We have fally orange, cream, and olive throw pillows in the living room, and one of the fabrics we picked out looks perfect with the color combination!  Check it out:


  1. i think you need that desk!

    desks like that are really neat. every time i am out thrifting, i always look for a similar piece. a nice desk that i can close whenever i want to "hide" the bills and other junk like that would be perfect. sometimes i check on craigslist too.

  2. and the price is perfect - i'll get it if i get a bonus this year! i already bought a placemat to protect the top of it when it's to look for the perfect key bowl that will CLINK! :)

  3. That desk is very cute!! Where do you want to put it? That's a very good price too!!!

  4. right by the front door where the dvd shelf was