Friday, February 26, 2010

Very Richmond...

After our fun downtown, I was all hopped up on history and loving my town, so I decided to go to Very Richmond to see what kind of Richmond memorabilia I could find.  I've been searching the internets for Cat's Meow pieces of Richmond landmarks to expand my collection, and have been unsuccessful.  This store has all things Richmond - ornaments, paintings, drawings of local colleges, Virginia wines, etc., etc.

They had a few pieces:  Capitol building, Virginia flag, Governor's Mansion, and Main Street Station.  The train station one was awesome, but it was huge!  So I only picked up the Capitol and flag.  I also picked up a Richmond pub glass and an ornament.  Here's my loot:

I spotted these awesome photo collages at Christmas when Bonnie and I were browsing the shop, and I think they're awesome.  I was so tempted to buy the Richmond or JMU one today, but then I thought to myself "Self, why don't you just take a bunch of pictures around town and make your own?"  Wow, what a good myself $40-$60! 

So, after the tours and shopping, I was pooped so I came home...and I've been sitting around ever since.  I cleaned a little, did a little laundry, read a little Biology, etc.  Looking forward to a super-relaxing night!


  1. i love very richmond!

    those photo collages are neat. if you were going to do one of "richmond, va" i know of a cool V you can get on vcu's campus. also a lot of the buildings on franklin st have really neat architecture you could use for something similar to the picture you posted.

    the company that makes those wooden ornaments is awesome. they have all sorts of different ones. i have the jefferson hotel one and got one of my friends the main st station one.

  2. that store is awesome! that's a good idea for the V - thanks dude! :) i'll need to do some exploring downtown to find the perfect letters!

  3. definitely explore franklin st, monument ave, and then the real downtown. the architecture on monument and franklin can't be missed.

  4. That store is very cute!! :)

    I wanna help you search for the perfect letters. That sounds like a fun Saturday!! :)