Sunday, February 21, 2010

Painting, phase II

To celebrate Lent, I am adding reading scripture to my daily routine, along with attempting to get rid of my vice of choice, procrastination on unfinished projects, but I think I'm cheating already.  Here's why...

I'm taking two classes this semester, and both have minimal homework other than studying for exams.  But this weekend, I had to study for an Anthropology quiz due at midnight tonight, along with writing a 1 page Biology lab report.  That's right, I said 1 page.  I realize I could write 1 page about anything in about 15 minutes, but for some reason this combination of work makes me want to throw myself down on the floor like a 4 year old, kicking my feet around, and slamming my fists into the ground repeatedly.  This feeling is the perfect storm for a bout of procrastination.  But does it count if we accomplished a way bigger project instead of me doing my homework?  Procrastination begets completion?

Everyone knows about our painting project - after many agonizing hours I finally picked a color and we painted our kitchen.  Then we sealed up the paint can and haven't looked at it in a month.  It didn't bother me immediately, but now every time I look at our builder's beige walls in the living room, I am reminded of my Lenten promise of getting some unfinished projects finished.

So Friday night, I decided we were going to paint this weekend, and paint we did.  Here are some pictures of the finished project.  I haven't put anything back on the walls yet, and it might be a while before I do, because I'm enjoying the paint color too much.

And, in case you were wondering, I finished my Anthropology quiz this morning, with unsavory grade, and my biology 1 pager is in progress.  Here's my problem with the Anthro quiz - 2 of the questions had 2 answers that said the same thing, but a slight variation determined the correct answer.  I can live with that - I messed up.  What I don't understand is this:

The question is:   
The major chromosomal difference between human males and females is that:
a) females have more chromosomes
b) males have more chromosomes
c) females have one more paired set of chromosomes
d) males have one more paired set of chromosomes

I chose a because I didn't think any one of them were right, but that is not the correct answer.  Hmmmm?

The book says that both males and females have 23 sets of chromosomes. The difference between the sexes is within the 23rd set, with females having 2 X chromosomes, and males and X and a Y.

The jury is still out - good news is the professor is looking into it.

Hopefully I can finish my Biology 1 pager so we can go see "Shutter Island" today.  Leonardo DiCaprio?  Yes, please.  The only thing that would make that movie better is having Logan's before or after, but we'd have to go to Fredericksburg for that, and no.

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