Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They're out of a box, but still blog-worthy...

Today I'm not feeling well so I stayed home, but I got bored and couldn't sleep anymore so I decided to do some baking or cooking.  I know that sounds weird, but it felt right at the time.

I wanted to make cocktail meatballs, but realized that I bought cocktail sauce instead of chili sauce.  They're called cocktail meatballs right?  So why do they call for chili sauce instead?  SO, that idea got scratched, although I'm sure they would have tasted the same, so I just threw the meatballs in with tomato sauce instead.  BORING, I know.  They're simmering in the crock pot now, and will be yummy over tortellini later.

That whole process, from the initial thought, to walking away from the crock pot, only took about 5 minutes, so I needed another project to make the trip downstairs worthwhile.  Stood at the pantry and saw a box of Magic Cookie Bars - sounds magical right?  I thought so, too.

It's an easy graham cracker crumb crust mixed with butter, then a layer of sweetened condensed milk, and a layer of magic - chocolate and peanut butter chips, coconut, and walnuts:

They baked for about 15 minutes and need to cool for 2 hours.  Plenty of time to recover (hopefully) from whatever this stomach thing is that hit me during the night, and enjoy them.  I feel a hundred times better than I did this morning, but not quite good enough to eat magic.  

Here's the magical goodness, in all its glory:

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