Saturday, February 13, 2010

A pineapple and more fabric

Today we checked out U-Fab, a local fabric shop, to look at more options for dining room curtains.  We found 2 that we both agree on.  Imagine that?

But first - the other night at HomeGoods, when I picked up my open/closed sign for River City Sweets, I also bought a ceramic pineapple as inspiration for the dining room.  Since we want the dining room to be comfortable, casual, and inviting to guests, what other symbol better represents those things than the pineapple?  It seems very Virginia to me, and it has me inspired to get this process seriously started.

Isn't it cute?  We have shelves hanging in the room now, which I'll stain to match the new furniture, and I can see this little guy sitting on one of the shelves, saying "Welcome!"  haha

Now, back to U-Fab.  This place is AWESOME!  Most of the fabric I saw was $2.99-$7.99 a yard - way cheaper than chains.  Here are some that we liked, and as usual, my commentary :)

This one has the colors we like, but it looks like boxer shorts:
 I love this one because it's a little funky - I was playing with flash settings under the flourescents, so it looks more yellow than it is.  It's sage and white:

Here's plaid, with the reds we want:

And another with reds, but stripes.  Not really a fan of this one:

 Here are our two favorites of the day. In the store:

And, one the wall:



  1. I like the 1st in store option. I like the wider stripe better than the thinner stripes.

  2. you know i like the 2nd one, but i think the 3rd one is really cool

  3. I'm thinking maybe you should stay away from greens and reds. Maybe look at something with browns???