Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I should have stopped reading her blog weeks ago

Kara got me hooked on this blog written by this horribly spoiled, Lilly Pulitzer-clad, 'preppy' chick. I started reading it for the laughs, but as I read more and more, I stopped laughing, and now every time I read an entry, I want to SCREAM!

Kara has since moved on to preppier (and more annoying) blogs, but for some reason I can't stop's like Rosemary's Baby - it's hideous but you can't look away!

So, to start my day with a nice fit of rage, I pulled up her blog, and these are the first few lines:

"Well, I am so glad to be back on my game! I fell TERRIBLY ill last week and only started to feel somewhat better yesterday. It was simply dreadful as NO medicine would work, but this made me realize how the people in Haiti and in any third world country must feel with no medicine. We are VERY blessed in the US!"

Right. So, having (presumably) a cold that doesn't go away with over the counter medicine for a whole week is EXACTLY the same as what the citizens of Haiti are going through right now? Really?

This chick needs a reality check!

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