Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Found my light!

We went to Lowe's to browse at the light fixtures - I think I found my light for the dining room.  And it's only $61!  Woohoo!

I really like the style of both of these, with the bulb facing the ceilig instead of our heads, but the first one looks a little too 16th century castle:

The second one is much more simple and it's a rustic iron finish:

I restrained myself and didn't buy it today, but it's item #2420 and I will own it soon!  

We did pick up some lights to replace our mid-90's fixtures throughout the house that look like this...

...with a more modern look:

The best part?  We snagged a 6-pack for $40!  What a deal!  Dave's honey-do list is getting looooonger.

1 comment:

  1. good deals dude!

    Your dining room is gonna be awesome once it's all done. :)