Friday, August 5, 2011

9 down, 21 to go!

It's been 9 days and I've made more progress on my list than I thought I would!

We have made the most progress in the office - with the cord storage project and filing update plus the items below, it's looking very nice in there!  There is plenty of desk space to work and even more floor space for the kitty to play :) 
  • Office status:
    • sew and hang curtains (most awesome fabric ever)
    • new floor lamp with bonus task lighting - we just replaced a broken lamp with the exact same model
    • go through PC games, CD's, and manuals; hopefully purge enough to get rid of CD shelf by window
    • replace light switch plate
We still need to go through all the PC games and CD's because I'm sure we can purge some.  I tried to do it, but most of that is Dave's and I'm not sure what can go and what needs to stay to avoid a hissy fit.  Mantrum, anyone?  It's not pretty.
What is pretty are the new curtains!
 Gratuitous work award shot :)

We installed the awesome record switch plate I bought at the Brooklyn Flea during my NYC trip in May!

    Last night I worked on my craft room and the hall bath.  I purged a ton of fabric scraps that I'll never use, finished organizing my closet, and mended some of Dave's shirts that have been sitting in a pile for a while.
    • Craft room status:  
      • purge fabric and organize all current projects in 1 place for easy access
      • move empty fabric bins to garage

      How awesome does the closet look now?  I think those Ikea Kassett bins are my new favorite organizational's just a shame there are only so many closets in the house!  Now all my craft supplies (fabric, mementos, paper scraps, etc.) are boxed individually, I have a separate box for upcoming projects like Bonnie's Mason jar quilt, a baby quilt for whoever has the first baby boy, felt for a JMU-themed Dr. Suess hat for Dave, etc., and I have a huge bin for empty scrapbooks, pages and protectors!  Phew, so much better than this:

      The hall bath upstairs only had 2 small tasks, yet somehow I managed only to finish one:
      • Hall bath status: 
        • switch shower curtain (already purchased) and Craigslist/store existing one
        • replace light switch plate

      Do you see the problem here?  Yep, we didn't think while purchasing.  FAIL.  LOL
      Sucks because it's so cute and goes with the stuff in that bathroom so well...oops!  Hopefully I can have the right one shipped to me from Art by Locals in Manteo, NC, where we bought it...we'll see :)
        Overall, good progress!  And I even completed some extra projects along the way, like the 2 DIY throw pillows I whipped up last night using some to-be-organized items in the craft room!  Now off to the master bedroom and bath...

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          1. Love the record player light switch! :)

            Glad to see your getting some stuff done before school.