Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last night I finished my chores in the master bedroom.  It needs to be vacuumed but all the organizing I wanted to get done was accomplished!

Bonus task - I took all my Amish quilts off the countryish quilt rack and stored them in a new storage ottoman that sits under the back window.

Kitty thinks it's her new bed!

  • Master bedroom:
    • purge tchotchkes from Expedit and move picture frames into cubbies
    • purge extra make up and Craigslist MK travel bag
    • purge scarves/belts and use 4th drawer in jewelry case for every day make-up bag
    • long-term:  buy king bed; new bedding and curtains already purchased

Feels good to be finished with the list.  I am not doing any work in the attic - mostly because it's too damn hot to spend more than 10 seconds in there!  That will be a good fall or winter activity...

Now I'm ready for school!

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