Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Florida! Part V

Our last day in Florida was a pretty lazy one!  After road trips the other 4 days we were pretty tuckered out, so we decided to lay low and enjoy some final shopping and pool time!

But we started our day at Target...of course.  It seems my mom and dad share my infatuation with Target, although mine is far more severe!  Mom had a list of household stuff she needed, and I trolled the clearance racks looking for a deal...but there were no deals to be had.

After Target we had Olive Garden for lunch - shocking, I know!  I'm not usually a fan, but their fagioli is to die for (Bonnie cracked the code and made it at home!), so when dad suggested it I went along for the ride. :)  Dave got the never ending pasta bowl, but only had 1 1/2 bowls.  Lame!

Next came swimming...then some lazy hours on the couch watching the History channel...then packing.  Perfect lazy day :)

On the way home Saturday we were trucking along pretty good until Wilson, NC, where we had to stop and park the car on the interstate for about an hour.  There was a nasty accident about a mile ahead of us...and since we had just passed an exit ramp and the next wasn't for a few miles, we were all stuck.  Here's the article and video about the one-car accident:

Finally someone made the move - turned their car around and drive the wrong way back to the exit...luckily traffic had already been detoured off the interstate behind us, so there was no worry of a head-on collision.

We also saw some people driving across the median to enter the southbound lanes - since we were in the left lane, we chose this method.  After watching several cars go through 1 section without bottoming out or getting stuck I gave Dave the green light to try it with my car.  Seemed pretty smooth, but a few miles later we had to pull off because it sounded like we were dragging something.  Apparently that something was part of my bumper :/

Dave snapped it back in place, but it'll fall off eventually.  Good times.
Can't really see it unless you get close


I shouldn't be able to do this...

Unless it falls off, I won't be fixing it.  Part of it was already dented from a little fender bender when I let someone borrow my car, along with a little incident with a snowbank in the Millers' driveway last winter. :)

That concludes our vacation recaps! :)  Glad to be home on my couch in my jammies, but I didn't want to leave the pool and come back to work!

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