Friday, August 12, 2011

Jedediah feeds the chickens and Jacob plows, fool

The Millers and I took a road trip to Baltimore yesterday to take care of some bid-ness, and on the way home we were staaaaaaaaaaaaaarving! 

We used my trusty AroundMe app to find somewhere to get some good local food (once we were outside of the ghetto section of Baltimore we were visiting) and came upon an Amish farmer's market!  I gasped so loud when I saw it on the little phone screen that Nate admonished me for freaking him out while driving! :)  Haha.

We made our way from the BW Parkway to the Patapsco Dutch Farmers' Market since we were only a mile away, and all have a moderately-high to high level of obsession with anything Amish.

Nate and Bonnie have a good reason because Nate's family has German and Amish roots...I'm just plain ole obsessed.  The food, the crafts, the simplicity, the farmland...did I mention the food?  It's an addiction - whoopies, roast beef and egg noodles with mashed potatoes and gravy, shoo-fly pie (meh), pumpkin rolls...I could go on.

We bypassed the Dutch Family Restaurant to visit the market first.  They had pies and other treats from my second-favorite bakery in Lancaster County - Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop.

It's one of the places Dave and I always visit during our trips - the whoopies (especially pumpkin) are awesome, but the scenery is amazing!  They have a pen of goats, and a picnic area with a gazebo and a swinging bench/table apparatus.  It's out in the country, so it's a great place to take a break and relax before the next adventure down a random road. :)

Bonnie found some decadent cakes and pies we could drool over!

Since it was her birthday she treated herself to a festive sprinkle cupcake...

They didn't have the best Ohio Amish cheese ever, Guggisberg Swiss, but they did have Walnut Creek Smoked Swiss from the same area...

Farm fresh eggs!  Sharon, how do they make brown eggs again?  Brown chickens, right?  :)

Once we were done browsing the market, we had lunch and watched the ~6 year old Amish boy bus tables and ring up checks for customers who had finished eating.  He was SO cute - his little sister followed him around as if she's in training for next summer when school's out! :)

Food was good, but the Bird-in-Hand pumpkin whoopie I bought in the market was to die for...

Also, you got the post title, right?  If not, here's a little something you might want to watch:

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