Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yikes! 2 Days left!

Boy, the last update was a while ago!  At that point I had finished the craft room and office, other than going through PC games, but those are Dave's so they won't provide a procrastination opportunity for me once school starts.  I won't know any more about them then than I do now, which means I still won't be able to purge any.  I changed the shower curtain in the hall bath to a crisp, new white one, and realized our lighthouse switch plate wouldn't fit because we're idiots.

Since then we took a vacation to Florida and I made Dave a tshirt quilt, neither of which were on the list!

I did some work in our bathroom, moving all of our medicine stuff to the closet, so we can each have a drawer for daily use stuff, like deodorant and q-tips.  I also bought a bigger, better trash can so we don't have to take out the trash every 3 days let the trash pile up and over the edge of the can...there is still some major cleaning needed in there, but Dave has volunteered to do it! Woot!

I just got a great deal on some end tables I'd been stalking at Target.  These babies were $60 this spring in stores, and I visited them quite often.

They look light brown in the picture, but they are a very rich, reddish tiger oak, which will look great with our entertainment center and armoire!  And the price is definitely right!

Here's what's left:
  • Perpetually dirty master bathroom:
    • Simplify the workflow (how's that for nerding out?) to make it easier to keep clean
      • clean out perfumes/medicines and move all day to day toiletries into top 2 drawers - one for me, one for Dave - to control counter clutter
      • purge spa stuff and use closet bin for medicines
      • bigger, lidded trash can; move beside sink since that's where all the trash is created
    • long-term:  I've given up on the 'beach house chic' makeover for now.  That can wait for Christmas break...or 2013. :)
  • Master bedroom:
    • purge tchotchkes from Expedit and move picture frames into cubbies
    • purge extra make up and Craigslist MK travel bag
    • purge scarves/belts and use 4th drawer in jewelry case for every day make-up bag
    • long-term:  buy king bed; new bedding and curtains already purchased
  • Walk-in attic:
    • get rid of large baskets; consolidate keepers into 1 large bin and use other for Dave's childhood box
    • put all the randoms that have crept into the middle of the room into their places :)
  • Living room:
    • new end tables?
I'll be working on the master bedroom tonight, getting rid of tchotchkes and  reorganizing my jewelry/makeup area...I think I'm giving up on the walk-in attic because it's really bad. We'll see.

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