Monday, May 3, 2010

Multi-purpose closet mini-makeover

Our coat closet is a catch-all for games, coats, hats, and whatever else I feel like hiding when people come over ;)

Yesterday I decided I couldn't stand to look at it in its current state for one more minute, so I cleaned it out and re-organized it so it's more functional, not just a dumping ground for stuff.

Here's a list of what was in there, plus or minus a few things:
  • 14 coats
  • 13 pairs of gloves
  • 5 knit hats and 5 baseball caps
  • 2 Monopoly games - 1 regular and 1 Beatles
  • 2 Scrabble games - 1 regular and 1 vintage
  • 9 decks of playing cards - yes, I'm serious
  • 2 vacuums
  • Rock Band drum kit, mic, and 2 guitars
  • set of windshield wipers for the Vue
  • space heater
  • snow boots
  • more games
  • beach velcro lacrosse thing - huh?
  • 2 chess boards
  • 2 Halloween costumes 
  • 1 cat leash
  • and, of course, a partridge in a pear tree

Wow, that's a lot of junk for a 2x4 closet, right?

First, we got rid of some coats, 2 of which were parts of our most recent Halloween costumes.  I remember thinking at the time that it made sense to put them in the coat closet, because they're coats.  Now, I don't agree with myself.  Why do they need to be in the coat closet by the front door, when we're obviously not going to wear them regularly.  Silly self...shaking my head at you.  I also put 3 more coats I don't wear anymore in the yard sale/Goodwill pile.

Next, the games.  I kept both Monopoly games, only because they're different, but purged one of the Scrabbles.  5 decks of cards were removed, along with one of the chess sets.  Dave kept his poker chip wheel, but got rid of another set that had cheaper chips and a felt mat for the table.  We've never used it, but it's cool.  The beach velcro whatever-game-this-is-supposed-to-be set was cast out as well.

I donated some gloves, hats, and scarves last winter, so I didn't get rid of any more after seeing what I had left.  I put the space heater in the attic with the larger one, and the snow boots in our closet with the rest of our shoes...makes sense, eh?  No sense in having them out in May.

This is where I should insert a picture of the pile of stuff that I dragged out of every corner of the closet.  Too bad I didn't take one.  It would have been a doozie!

Now, to put everything else back in.  I bought a hanging shoe organizer to store playing cards, hats, gloves, and hand warmers that we bought for whale watching and didn't use.  They're awesome - you open the packet, put them in your pocket, and crinkle them around with your hands and they create heat.  Not sure how, but it works.  I'm not ready to throw them away in case we ever attend an event where we might need them - I think they expire next year, so they have a deadline to be used. Anyways, I put everything in a cubby in categories, and left one empty for a headband thing and hat that I know are in Dave’s car.  This leaves the inside door empty, other than 2 wreath hangers.

I split the coats so Dave’s are on one side, mine are on the other, and put my scarf organizer on my side.  I put the games back on the top shelf, the Rock Band stuff on the floor in the back, and tucked the vacuum back in (not pictured).

Fun Sunday!  Jealous?

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