Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today, i took Dave to Anthropologie to show him something I want to buy for the new study :)  It is a little costly for an accessory so I wanted to make sure he liked it before I bought it. 

I love this store!  I went a few weeks ago and wished I had my camera with me to capture all the things I loved, so I made sure to take it with me today.  they have clothing and a few furniture pieces, but I love the kitchen and bath accessories - the dish towel collection is fabulous and this one's my favorite!  I had to leave them all behind, though, because they're $18.  Birthday present, hint, hint!

Here are my favorite items from today's trip - although I only brought one home with me.

Love these monogram mugs - perfect and classic, and would match any decor!
This ring dish is cool for a beachy bathroom, with starfish-like designs on it.  It has a pedestal base so it wouldn't knock over easily:

These dishes would work for spice prep, or a ring dish, or just decorative accents:

This little fishy reminds me of a toothpick holder Bonnie has on the window sill above her kitchen sink.  It belonged to her grandma and every time she sees it, she thinks of her...I assume he's a ring dish, but he'd be cute just sitting around.

I guess monograms are in right now, because they're everywhere.  These letters have anchors on the back so you can hang them flat against the wall, but they'd look good as bookends or accessories separating book groupings on a shelf:

But we bought this version instead - this is the item i wanted Dave to approve.  They're replicas of printing press letters, mounted on wood blocks - love it!  Dave agreed, so we brought the 'A' home!

Here's Dave being goofy - with the 'poisson' cup...he made a joke about some company manufacturing a cup with the French word for fish on it, knowing it looks (at a glance) like it says poison.

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  1. i love anthropologie! they always have such great stuff. even if it's pricey, it can always be replicated.

    those monogrammed mugs are great. we had an A and a D, but the D broke a few months back.. :(