Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sur La Table

Dave and I headed over to Sur La Table last night to pick up a Mother's Day gift for his mom.  She asked for a very specific grater/storage combination for Christmas, and for some reason, between Dave, Rich, and I, we didn't get it right.  Who knows how that happened...she got a grater, but not the grater, so we must make it up to her.  I mean, it's not like she's asking for world peace or's a cheese grater, why not do it right?  Perfect timing that the grater she originally wanted was in the most recent catalog we got in the mail.

Anyways, while Dave was looking for the grater, I looked around and coveted nearly everything in the store.  I managed to get out of there not purchasing anything, even though I had a coupon in my pocket, but just barely.  Wanted to share some of the awesome things I found while I was shopping.

Bonnie sent me a link a few weeks ago to some awesome cupcake liners/cups they carry, and their in-store selection did not disappoint.  Doesn't this color array make you happy?

You could plan a whole baby/bridal shower around this multi-color polka dot pattern:

I found a mortar and pestle that's waiting for a spot in my kitchen cabinet - I needed one of these last weekend when I was making garlic mashed potatoes.  I couldn't get the garlic chopped finely enough.

Anyone who saw Julie and Julia would be reminded of Julia Child's and Julie Powell's adventure writing and cooking from this book:

Ice cream social, anyone?  Do people still do that?  Wouldn't these be cute lined up on the kitchen counter, each filled with sprinkles, crushed up Oreos, nuts, cherries for an ice cream smorgasbord?

Finally, the canning section.  I've always wanted to learn how to preserve vegetables, jams, and jellies, and since I registered for a canning class at UofR, I've had canning on the brain!  Bonnie sent me the link to this canning/preserving set in the most recent SLT catalog, which comes with a canning rack, can lifter, boiler, and funnel - how cool! 

I didn't see the set in the store, but even if I did, I don't think I need to buy anything until I can see if the canning thing is really for me after the class, but I hope they still have it in stock in August!  What I did see in the store were tons of jars and accessories to be used during canning, along with an awesome recipe/how-to book!

Here's hoping I have some major canning in my future!  Wouldn't it be fun to make jars and jars of spaghetti sauce, jellies, or other things and have them in the pantry?


  1. Awesome....did you see those glasses that I want?

    The canning set you want is only available online or catalog, not in store. But that whole section looks awesome!!!

    Love the cupcake liners!! They are sooooooooo fav it the purple with polka dots. :)

  2. it's a dream of mine to be able to can all sorts of things..especially things grown in my own garden one day. one day.. :)