Sunday, November 1, 2009

The things we do for Brunswick Stew...

Last night we had our peeps over for a Halloween party. By party, I mean eat pizza, play Rock Band, and laugh constantly at the hilarity that is Dave, Nate, and Eddie.

The day started in Frog Level, a little pod in Caroline County. Every year, we go to their fall festival and pick up some Brunswick Stew. They start cooking these huge vats of the stew in the wee hours of the morning...and we appreciate it. It was raining pretty hard and we parked about a quarter mile away from the event because of traffic. Once we got there, we had wet ankles and shoes, so we picked up our stew and didn't hang around to visit the sand art and alpaca tents. Too bad...but there's always next year :)

Then Bonnie and I ran a few errands and ended up back at my house to relax a little before the party started. Ashley came over after work already in her costume, Dave and Nate went to Goodwill to get an impromptu costume for Nate, and I got dressed up too!

Here we are in our costumes:

Dave, er, I mean, Dale Jr:

Ashley, as the female version of Freddy Kreuger:

Me, as Abby from NCIS:

Close-up of tattoo Dave drew on me:

In case you've never heard of or seen Abby, here she is:

And here's Nate, as "awkward social moment guy":

After we ate dinner, cupcakes, and other treats Ashley brought, we played Beatles Rock Band, which was awesome! A lot of the songs were kind of boring to play compared to regular Rock Band, but they're more fun to sing. Good times.

Here are Eddie, Dave, and Nate rocking out with their proverbial c**ks out:

And the whole band (Bonnie played the part of the screaming groupie:

It was a fun night, but around 10:30 we decided we were all pooped from the day and we shut it down. In bed by midnight! I know, we're getting old :)