Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flying Squirrels game!

Thursday, we had another fun day - this one was not company-sponsored so we all paid our own way, but we still weren't at work, and that's what counts.

We decided to go support our new local baseball team, the Flying Squirrels!  It seems like Richmond has baseball fever right now, with all the games packed and people purchasing season tickets!  I hope the fever sticks around - what comparable family activity only costs $6 per person for 4 hours worth of fun?

The only problem for the day was that it was H-O-T!!  It was a scorcher, and since we purchased the expensive tickets (a splurge at $8 a pop), and were sitting on the 3rd baseline, there was no overhang or protection from the sun!  We took turns walking to the top of the stands in the shade to get some relief.  It was fun, though...

Here are some pictures from the game, from the 3rd base umpire, who was very unpopular that day, to the team's mascot, Nutzy!
Running for home!

Action shot

3rd base judge


 Rahul's a rock star

 The team

Here's a bonus picture of the guy who kept standing in front of us.  Scott asked him (politely?  no.) to sit down, and he kept getting in the way.

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