Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Let's see if we can make this next list of goals actually happen!  Here's my bucket list for this summer:

  • Dave and I have been talking about going to Chicago for a few years - I even bought a moss-colored scrapbook specifically to document the trip, because for some reason the color screamed at me - but we have just gotten our heads above water financially and are finally going to go!  I started a Pinterest board, Second City, to pin places to go, things to do, recommended restaurants, etc., so we can start planning the trip!  We're shooting for end of August, so it will have cooled off a little...
  • After I finished Hunger Games trilogy, several people recommended the Matched trilogy as a similar dystopian, big government drama, only instead of your name  being called to fight to the death with 23 other teenagers, a photo of your mate is displayed on the big screen rather than 
  • I saw this DIY bird feeder on Pinterest, and Bonnie and I will be tackling it next weekend!  It's so simple - made using only screws, nuts, and washers from the hardware store and melamine plate/bowl set from Target - and the birdies will love you!
  • We go to the Outer Banks every summer.  Some trips are longer than others, but even a weekend there is long enough to recharge.  We'll probably just take a long weekend, or maybe a regular old weekend (gotta save those vacation days for Chicago!)...but we'll get there!
  • We used to go to concerts at Innsbrook all the time!  Then we got out of the habit, and I think the last time I've been there was when Bonnie got Gretchen Wilson/Sons of Bill tickets and we sat in the gold circle!  It is awesome to see such great bands at cheap prices, so we will see at least one show this summer.
  • Carter Mountain Orchard is becoming a new favorite of mine.  The views are so awesome from the top of the mountain, and picking peaches and apples from an orchard is so Virginia that I must partake!  
  • Also from Pinterest, Bonnie and I will be making our own vanilla extract - I had no idea how easy it was to make it, and there's no possible way to screw it up!  Well, don't tempt me, because I'll try! :)
  • ROAD TRIP!  We love to go to Ikea and the Container Store a few times a year to pick up whatever latest and greatest organizational tool or gadget they've come up with!  Two of my favorite stores that I wish were so much closer - but I feel like the novelty and excitement would wear off if i could go to either all the time, right?
  • My craft room is slowly becoming a junk room.  Everything that's in the closet is organized, but there are some random items that have never been/will never be used, so it's time to go through every basket and bin and really think about what I need to keep.  I have a grand plan to makeover the room, too, but that will have to wait.
  • The master bathroom is the last room in the house to get any attention.  Besides the stairwell, every room has been painted, organized, rearranged, etc., but this room has always been an awkward space that has no style.  I hope to change that - I have a preliminary plan, but there are some kinks I still need to work out.
So there it is - I know I'm already a week or so into summer, but we've already completed one item!  Wahoo!  And hopefully two will be knocked out next weekend...good progress!

Bucket list template from here.

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  1. Can't wait to read about your trip to Chicago. We're headed there next summer on our way to Sioueaeioux Falls, SD. Please take video if you go to the Weiner's Circle.