Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winter Uninspired

So remember when I posted my Winter Inspiration list, and explained that I didn't call it a bucket list so I wouldn't feel pressure to actually finish it?  Well, it worked.  I fell off the productivity wagon a bit.  I was productive and work and school, but when I got home I fell asleep on the couch most nights, or just generally didn't feel like working on anything else.

It's been 9 long, stressful months since I started the Weekend College program, but now I have a nice healthy break - unless I decide to take that Tricking the Light Fantastic class that starts next week!

What do Bart Simpson, Q, Prometheus and the serpent of Genesis have in common? All might be considered tricksters – boundary-breaking characters who some- times play the harmless idiot, sometimes play the malevolent jokester, and almost always teach us something about our- selves. We’ll seek out tricksters throughout literary history and apply our understanding of the archetype to identifying con- temporary tricksters in unexpected places.

I'm still on the fence.

Here's how I did on the Winter Inspiration checklist:

So I did some stuff, but didn't even come close to finishing everything on the list!  In my defense:
  • It didn't snow, so there went a lazy snow day
  • I made a wedding invitation ornament in the fall for Dave's brother and new wife, so didn't feel like making another one
  • Meh to Star Wars and scrapbooking
  • We did visit the Poe Museum, but it was late spring :)
  • I have no excuse for not visiting the Carillon, but we did try to eat at Urban Farmhouse and weren't impressed with the menu, since we're not hippies
Hopefully I'll have better luck this summer, with no schoolwork to bog down my brain ;)

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