Sunday, July 29, 2012

BM in the Master Bath

Ha!  I'm punny.  BM = Benjamin Moore paint!

The master bathroom is the last room in the house to get any attention.  All the other rooms have been painted and decorated, but this one has remained builder's beige all over since we moved in.  I decided that needed to change this summer.

It all started when I saw some gray bathrooms emerge on the internets, like this:

Source: via Bunny on Pinterest

...and this:

The gray doesn't make them dreary or gloomy, and I love how sophisticated and clean they all look!  So I set out on a search for the perfect gray and the perfect shower curtain to match.  I we recently got new linens in the bedroom that have a feminine edge, so I thought I'd throw Dave a bone and make the bathroom more masculine.  We found this shower curtain at Ikea, and it fit the bill:
But after I thought about it for a while, I had second thoughts.  I like it, but don't love it.  So into the yard sale pile it went (it had been too long to return it, plus is $10 worth driving 160 miles round trip to return it?  Nope.)

So the search continued.  I found this lovely at World Market - it's not masculine at all, but beautiful and could be less girly with the gray paint. Dave vetoed it.

He said it was grandma-ish?  Yeah, if your grandma is stylish as hell!

Oh well.

Then I went to Kohl's and found this.  Hello, lover:

Not too girly, perfect gray accents, and I love the blue!  I texted a picture of it to Dave and he responded something not negative, so I bought it! :)  I didn't get anything else to match it in case he hated it in person, but I just noticed those 3-toned matching rugs behind it, and the fact that the entire collection is on sale this week!  Might need to corral some Kohl's coupons STAT!

So with the shower curtain chosen, I moved on to paint.  And the winner is:
Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter!

Hence "BM in the bathroom."  I'm hilarious.

I bought a test pot a few days ago to make sure it was the one, even though the entire internets told me it's the best bathroom greige.  I painted a swatch on every plane in the bathroom other than the ceiling. At first I was a little scared because it was very beige.  But once it dried, I got this beauty:

Someone please teach me how to take a photo?  Kthx.

I haven't actually painted the room yet, so stay tuned to watch the paint dry. :)


  1. Love the BM comment. Soooo funny. At least BM isn't your initials like mine. ahahahahahaha

    I love the grey. Very classy! :) And I think the grey and tealish blue will look great together.

  2. Love your style! I can think of a new career for you. You could start with my house. (-: