Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Go to an Outdoor Concert

While we were walking through the streets of Brooklyn last spring, Maureen casually mentioned that I might like the Avett Brothers.  She was so right!  I downloaded their latest live album on the way home from that trip, and fell in love with them!  Folky sound, guys with guitars - just my taste!

When I saw that they were coming to Innsbrook After Hours this summer I jumped on the opportunity to see them live!

Dave and I went to the venue right after work (he could have walked from his office) and hung out with 1000 of our closest friends Richmonders to see the show. :)

Also joining us were these clouds:

Luckily other than a few drizzles we stayed pretty dry through the concert, which was AWESOME!  They played all my favorites, some I hadn't heard, and some upcoming tunes.  My favorite will always be The Ballad of Love and Hate!

They have a new album coming on in September, featuring this gem - so excited!

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