Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Bucket List: DIY Bird Feeder

Bonnie came down last weekend for another BFF day, and among many other things, we tackled a DIY bird feeder. We initially wrote it off as a fail, but I think things are looking up!

Here's the inspiration, from Pinterest:

I recognized the plates immediately because I had seen them at Target in the garden section, and after perusing the tutorial and supply list, it seemed easy enough.  

Here's what you'll need, in addition to a melamine plate and bowl set:
  • Carriage bolt - I got 10 inches long and 3/8 in diameter
  • Washers (4) and nuts (2) to fit the size bolt you buy
  • 2 feet of nylon string (not pictured)
  • **make sure you have a drill bit the same size as your carriage bolt

You'll notice I bought way more washers and nuts than I needed, because:
  • I didn't read the directions in detail before buying them
  • There was a limited selection of 3/8 in. of both - it was either buy 10 or only 1, which wouldn't have been enough
  • We planned on making 2 bird feeders

Good news - both of these bags only cost like $1.57 or some insanely low amount like it!  So add that to the melamine bowl+plate and this is a <$10 project!

First, drill a whole through the center of the plate and bowl.  This is where the fail started - I bought 2 plate/bowl sets, and the drill went through one like butter [I realize the holes aren't centered, but they're close enough for me :)]:

...but the other one was not nearly as cooperative - they're made of the same material, are the same thickness, and I used the same drill bit, but for some reason we just couldn't make it work:

Who knows - so we gave up on the pretty turquoise one.

Once you have your holes drilled, it's time to assemble it.  I'm not even going to try to explain how we did it - I'll let Erin explain it, since she's the source of the project!

Here's the finished product - we had an issue with the bowl being wobbly, but it was nothing another coat of Gorilla Glue couldn't cure, and now it's solid as a rock:

Hope the birdies like it! ;)

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  1. YEY!! I'm glad the bowl isn't wobbly anymore. Have you seen any birds at the feeder yet? It looks cute now with the bird seed instead of the Hershey kisses. haha