Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Bucket List: Bonus project inspired by Pinterest

I was planning to include this project on my winter bucket list - because the fall one was so fun! - but I realized that if I waited until it was technically winter to make it, it would be the most pointless holiday gift in the world, since winter starts a few days before Christmas! Duh, Kristen.

I got the idea from Pinterest, naturally, and looks like this:

It is a wedding invitation that has been cut into strips, curled, and stuffed into a clear glass ball ornament. So cute, right?

Dave's brother recently got married - as in 2 months ago - so we thought this would be a wonderful gift to commemorate their first Christmas as a married couple. It's so sentimental!

We used both their invitation and response card and got to work!

I used my 4x6 Creative Memories paper trimmer to cut both pieces into strips, each about 1/3 inch wide. I can't say I measured each piece, and the important part is to get the lines of text, so whatever size works for you, go for it!

Once our strips were cut, Dave wrapped each one around a pen to curl it...

...and then we stuffed them into the ornament:

Originally we thought we could strategically place certain pieces so the most important ones were on the outside, but that's way too Type A for this project since the pieces fall where they want. Unless you have experience with inserting ships into bottles without breaking or maiming them, 'good enough' is going to have to do. Eventually we realized that it isn't the specific words that make this sentimental, it's the act of bottling or containing this sentimental item and its memories -mushy? yes.

Once all the pieces were in - and we ended up with a bunch of strips without text that just wouldn't fit - we used a pen to try and move some pieces around to make sure the whole ornament was full.

The finishing touch was the layered ribbon we added so they can hang it from their tree. Their colors were brown and gold, so we went with that theme:


How cool!?! Hope they like it :) Congratulations Rich and Cindy! Also, hope you don't read my blog, because I just SPOILED your Christmas present! ;)

PS - I had to share this picture - do you see the eye staring at you from inside the ornament? CREEPY! We need to call Zak Bagans to come check out our house, pretty sure it's haunted... :)

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  1. i can see the eye and it is very creepy. but i love the ornament idea! i think your brothernlaw and his new bride are going to love it too. :D