Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dueling Christmas Trees...

Cue the banjos...

Last year I shared a tacky project - a JMU Christmas tree.  We put it up along with our big tree - it's so festive and I love it!

I love it so much that this year I made a University of Richmond tree to go with it!

They taunt each other from opposite ends of the living room.  Since I've only finished one semester at UR I haven't collected many mementos to hang on it so it's a little bare, but I did purchase some red and silver ball ornaments and a $1.99 fleece blanket to use as a tree skirt.

I did add some awesome ornaments, like my first UR-specific ornament:

Also, I painted some clear ball ornaments to dress up my tree, just like I did for the JMU one:

it was hard to get a good shot of this one - it's supposed to be a spider but the design in the back blurred it :)

I also added my Virginia ornament from the Handmade holiday...

...and my cupcake ornament from BFF day:

There's plenty of time to collect ornaments I love for this tree, so I won't be running out to find several UR-related ones.  I did put one on my Christmas list though ;)

Since we now have 2 college-themed trees, we didn't put up the big tree this year.  It's sleeping up in the attic - maybe it'll make an appearance next year :)

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  1. The dueling trees is a neat idea!! My husband and I both went to the same school so we couldn't use colleges, but I may have to think of some other duel we could have. Fun!!