Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Handmade Holiday at Plant Zero

This weekend, Bonnie and I trekked down to Plant Zero for the Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday!

The same group held the Spring Bada-Bing in April and I loved all the handmade goodness!  It's like a craft fair, but less tacky Grandma and more locally-made Etsy-like items!  So me! :)

I scoped out some of the vendors on the RCM blog beforehand, so I had a couple items to watch out for like these chic vases by turnerbots (in eggplant, of course):

And this embroidery hoop art, by Il Gatto Selvatico:

Unfortch I didn't see either - turnerbots had little ceramic robot guys, but I didn't see these vases...bummer. 

Modern June had a ton of awesome stuff, including her new book, Sewing with Oilcloth, but I didn't purchase anything.  I would love to get my hands on that book, but not sure I'd ever make anything with oilcloth to make it worth the money :(

I did find a few things I couldn't leave without :)

Funnelcloud was selling these beautiful maps and other artwork.  I purchased the Virginia map, with each county separated by color - so cool!  This will for sure be included in our upcoming stairway gallery wall:
I also picked up a hand-painted Virginia ornament from her booth:

Lastly, I picked up a little mushroom ring holder, by Tasha McKelvey:

I look forward to the next event!  I must do even more research before going in case it's as crowded as it was this time!  There were a ton of people there (included YHL's Petersiks), and it was hard to navigate through them to see the most popular booths, so I'm sure there was stuff we missed. 

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