Monday, July 4, 2011

One less reason to go to Short Pump...

Southside earned some much-needed cool points last month when HomeGoods finally came to town!  Before, we had to drive all the way to Short Pump to shop for discounted home decor and tchotchkes!  See what I did there, West-Enders?  Don't like it when we act like your side of town is so out of the way?  That it's such a burden to have to step foot on the soil on your side of the river?  Doesn't feel good, does it?  Huh, huh?

I kid.

Anyways, I took a shopping trip during their grand opening weekend to see what kind of deals they had to offer me.  Surprisingly, I walked out with nothing.  Didn't spend a dime.  I made Dave go back with me later that night to approve a purchase - he did not approve, but we walked out with a pillow for the study.

The first thing that caught my eye on my first visit was all the typography!  I am a little obsessed with it, so I'm sure that's why I noticed so much of it.  I hope it's not a fleeting design trend - but even if it is, I'll never get tired of the awesome Richmond typography map Dave got me for Christmas, or the 2 new typography pieces I got from Etsy.  More on those later.

Typography for every room:
I can see this wine-themed kitchen or bar area, hanging above a foyer table accessorized with a trifle dish or oversized brandy glass vase full of wine corks... 

Military alphabet to be displayed in an office?  The dad of a friend of mine from high school had a military themed office.  He was a Top Gun.  Like Maverick.  

Parisian dressing room?  Shabby chic vanity with makeup brushes sitting in various jars, a lamp with some pizzazz hanging from the shade...

There are so many variations of this saying out there right now, but this one is classic and would feel homey in a craft room or 3-season sunroom - reading this makes me want to take a deep breath and start over.

Horrible picture, but this vintagey NYC subway sign would look great in a great room or foyer with high ceilings... 

These were all under $60 and make a great dramatic impact in any room!

Next I wandered over to the storage ottomans since we were in the market for one at the time.  I found this vintage trunk with simple, clean lines:

This Union Jack-inspired storage ottoman caught my eye - I thought Dave might like this in the office with his Beatles record collection, but he said it would take attention away from the records which are supposed to be the focal point.  Score for Dave!
I even tried to get him to like the smaller Union Jack trunk on the shelf above, but no dice.  Le sigh.

I stumbled upon an end cap featuring ikat boxes in 'Sue the napkin' colors - any YHL readers out there who know what I mean?

I love this nautical lamp!  It would look cute in a playroom for boys with blue paint and red and white accents!

Lastly, some pewter cameras caught my eye.  They were shaped like Brownies, toward which Dave gravitates when we're antique shopping.

Upon further inspection I found out they were storage boxes!  This was the purchase I brought Dave back to check out...
We didn't buy one since we couldn't think of anything small enough to store in them, but they are awesome!

Here's the purchase we made - I love its funky design and the color palette makes me happy :)

One less reason to go to Short Pump, but there are still many reasons to go.  Number one is Crate and Barrel.  Numbers two through twenty-nine are Hobby Lobby.


  1. You crack me up! :)

    I've still never walked into a homegoods store. LOL

  2. Bonnie- You have never been in homegoods?!?!? You need to go soon!!!

    I love those signs! I got a variation of the keep calm and carry on sign, mine says keep calm and bake on!

    I love homegoods!

  3. *adds homegoods to next bff day agenda*

    i went there today looking for a storage ottoman but it let me down :( went next door to garden ridge and found the one, so my sadness didn't last! :)

  4. nope never been....def need to go. :) your keep calm and bake on. CUTE!