Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fanning Out

Dave and I went on an adventure today.  It was a short adventure since I didn't wake up until almost 1pm (awesome!), but it was fun. :)

After we picked up some lunch at Einstein's we headed down to Diversity Thrift.  I have heard great things about it and decided it was time to check it out...and now I think I'll share some of our finds!

First we came upon this old school cd case.  We both had a tape case with the same look in the 80's, and I love how this one was personalized with stickers, like I bling out my iPad case:

When we opened a drawer we found a bonus - a Star Wars CD!  I'm not sure the Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme) is long enough to dedicate a whole CD to it, but apparently someone thought they could make some money off it:
I couldn't get the march out of my head the rest of the afternoon!  UGH!

If you're looking for some 3D glasses for the upcoming Harry Potter movie or to go with your trendy 3d television, here are some for 50 cents!  They had a whole pile of them:

$2 for a used back massager/scratcher seems a bit steep, but that didn't stop me from treating Dave to a scratch before we moved on:

How could someone be so callous to discard a coffee mug from the greatest BBQ joint on the planet?

OMG!  Tory Burch flats!  In my size!  For $3!  Oh, wait, those are generic.  Bummer.

We wandered  over to the furniture section to seek out a kitchen table that I can rehab.  No such luck, but we did find some gems, like this $39 play table.  I love these!  They're so cute for a train set, or some sand and beach toys...

Next we saw this kitchen table that someone else tried to rehab...unsuccessfully.  I guess this could have been fashionable 20 years ago...sponge paint is cool, but multiple colors sponged at once?  No thanks.
They even sponged the chairs and upholstered them with matching fabric!  Oh, the horror.

I gasped when I saw this $40 record player cabinet!  How awesome is this?
It's in dire need of some sanding and staining/painting, but it's so cool!  Its tag said "Old School Entertainment Center."  Well said.  I should have bought this, but the rule is if there's no place for it, it doesn't come home.  Sad.  So, if you're in the market for a record player cabinet, or something that can be repurposed as a know where to find it :)

This reminds me of Dexter's couch.

Anyone need half a bottle of conditioner?  It's waiting for you...

This reminds me of something you'd see in the king or queen's house on True Blood.

After browsing the CD selection, we decided to check out. We managed to control ourselves and only purchased 1 thing - a pumpkin carving kit :)

The next stop on our adventure was u-fab in the Fan!  Love this place!  I took Dave there today to pick out curtains for our living room.  We went through this process once before and I was ready to pull the trigger today and buy the fabric we agreed on.  But when he saw the bolt he gave me a look.  I guess seeing the patter on a huge bolt as opposed to a small swatch turned him off.  So it's back to the drawing board!

Here are a couple we agree on:
This one's a bit masculine for me, but the colors are dead on to match our furniture.

Much more breezy and subtle, but the blue throws me off.  All the other colors are right.

I liked the pattern in this one, plus the color is very close to the color of our couch.  Dave thought it was too green.  I think it's too trendy to stand the test of time in our house, so the fact that we disagreed on it is okay.

We didn't buy any - at this rate we'll never have homemade curtains at our living room windows. But we do have curtains, and that counts.  Middle class white girl problems, I suppose.

Speaking of our couch, they had an array of microfiber and one of them is the exact color of our couch!  Not that we need any extra fabric - we already have throw pillows - but it's cool that it's there.  They have an awesome eggplant color in the microfiber - wish I could think of something to use it for.  I'm OBSESSED with eggplant right now!

We found some awesome fabric that we think Leah and Kyle (our yet-to-be-conceived offspring) would like...
The conversation around this one is as follows:
K - you think Kyle would like this?
D - if he's into airplanes.
K - what boy isn't into airplanes?
D - ones who are into dinosaurs.


Then I suggested this one instead - owlies.  Dave said this would be good for Kyle's Harry Potter phase.  Do you think by the time we actually have a kid Harry Potter will be 'vintage' and uncool? I don't want to live in a world where kids don't like HP.

This one's for Leah.  It's also my new phone background:
So cute!  I love that it says girl without being frilly.

Saw this when we walked out to the parking lot to leave:
It makes me LOL. 

After taking a Starbucks break, we came upon Black Swan Books, a used and rare bookstore. This place is awesome.  

Some classics caught my eye outside - I think they were $2 or 6 for $10. Great deal, but we have enough books, especially classics.

Once inside I took in the smell of all the old books! We browsed around - the children's book section was my fave. They had some great books in there, and a little reading nook:

One day I will own Beatrix Potter's complete collection. At $60 each, today was not that day:

I have no recollection of the plot of this book, but I know I used to read The Littlest Angel all the time, and I had an angel key chain that came with it.  It always sat on my dresser or night stand, and I hung it as an ornament on the little Christmas tree I set up in my room every year.

We finished our adventure at Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe at Libbie&Grove - they had such a good day, all that was left were gluten-free chocolate or vegan red velvet cupcakes. We bought 2 red velvets and didn't miss the animal products!  They tasted like a sweet treat to me :)

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