Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Day Countdown

Fall semester starts 30 days from today.  I can't believe the 8 month break from school has flown by so fast!  I had all these big plans of finishing every single project, redo a few rooms and clean every inch of the house, and taking road trips and hanging out with friends more than normal to take advantage of all the free time before I'm consumed with papers and homework and group projects.

I did some of that - mostly the road trips and hanging out with friends, which is the most important one - but I still feel like I should have accomplished more at home.  I made a lot of progress, but for every little change I made, 5 more popped into my head.  The house will never be done enough or clean enough, so I should just be happy at the things I accomplished.

So in the next 30 days, I hope to take care of some little things that bug me.  Here's a list, room by room, of what I hope to accomplish before Friday, August 26:
  • Perpetually dirty master bathroom:
    • Simplify the workflow (how's that for nerding out?) to make it easier to keep clean
      • clean out perfumes/medicines and move all day to day toiletries into top 2 drawers - one for me, one for Dave - to control counter clutter
      • purge spa stuff and use closet bin for medicines
      • bigger, lidded trash can; move beside sink since that's where all the trash is created
    • long-term:  I've given up on the 'beach house chic' makeover for now.  That can wait for Christmas break or 2013. :)
  • Master bedroom:
    • purge tchotchkes from Expedit and move picture frames into cubbies
    • purge extra make up and Craigslist MK travel bag
    • purge scarves/belts and use 4th drawer in jewelry case for every day make-up bag
    • long-term:  buy king bed; new bedding and curtains already purchased
  • Craft room:  
    • purge fabric and organize all current projects in 1 place for easy access
    • move empty fabric bins to garage
  • Hall bath: 
    • switch shower curtain (already purchased) and Craigslist/store existing one
    • replace light switch plate
  • Office:
    • sew and hang curtains (most awesome fabric ever)
    • new floor lamp with bonus task lighting
    • go through PC games, CD's, and manuals; hopefully purge enough to get rid of CD shelf by window
    • replace light switch plate
  • Walk-in attic:
    • get rid of large baskets; consolidate keepers into 1 large bin and use other for Dave's childhood box
    • put all the randoms that have crept into the middle of the room into their places :)
  • Living room:
    • new end tables?
Once this stuff is done I hope I'll be able to focus on my studies instead of organizing things.  I can't promise I won't sneak in little projects, like the Mr., Mrs. and & pillows I have planned for the master bedroom when the bed is purchased and bedding replaced, but those aren't a time suck like this stuff.

The downstairs just needs a good cleaning and it's good :)  We did a pretty substantial purge and organization in the kitchen in the spring, so that's running pretty smoothly...except the dirty dishes that keep popping up! ;)

This list might be a tad unrealistic for 30 days, since we'll be out of town for 10 of them, but I like to dream some of them might only take 10 minutes.

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  1. I'm having a similar countdown, but my countdown is for our second baby to arrive. At least you know exactly when you're 30 days is up; babies have their own agenda. To stay motivated, you might want to try a a daily "Ta-Da List."