Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to our roots

I like typography.  I wrote about it here and here.  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it.  The options are endless - design, color, font (unless it's Comic Sans, the bane of my existence)...

One day while I was perusing the internets I came up on capow's Etsy site.  She makes 8x10 state typography maps, with county names written within its respective shape.  I thought they were awesome, and I asked when Virginia would be available - she notified me a week or 2 ago that it was ready, so I snatched it up along with Dave's home state, Texas!

I got the package this weekend and was so excited to see them - they certainly did not disappoint!  It must have taken her hours to make these maps - wow!

We have a blank wall in the study, on the opposite side of the window from the Richmond typography map, so I figured that would be the perfect place for them...

Then I had to find frames for them - that sounds easy, but with my analysis paralysis I thought that would take days, weeks, months!  Luckily Dave was willing to go to Target with me to pick them out - he keeps me in check pretty well, and when he starts sighing I just make a decision.  So we ended up with these:

$14.99 each is a little pricey, but I love that they have both wood tones and flecks of metal to bring out elements of both in the room.  The only problem is that even though these were the best of the five they had in stock, there were a couple flaws.  Nothing that anyone but me would probably notice just by glancing at them, but I know they're there.  So I fixed them kludged them when I got home with my furniture stain markers.

I got a set of 3 colors and you can touch up scuffs or knicks on any wood furniture - I've used these on cherry wood before and they blend in even without the red tint.

Good as new!  At least, good enough for me!

All framed!  Pretty!

I didn't want to hang them right on top of each other, so I offset Virginia.  But when I stepped back to check out my handiwork, I didn't like it.  Missing something in the bottom left corner, right?

I knew just the thing!  I've been crushing on these zinc letters from Anthropologie, and I thought the ampersand would be appropriate to link Dave's roots with mine.  Let's say it together:  awwwwww.

Love it!