Sunday, May 1, 2011

BFF day!

Yesterday Bonnie and I had a BFF day in Fredericksburg.  Nothing fancy, just good ol' quality time :)

We saw a local production of Alice in Wonderland at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library, put on by Stage Door Productions!  I'm sure I've seen Disney's Alice in Wonderland at some point and we definitely own it, but I couldn't remember much of the story other than Alice drinking and eating concoctions that changed her size and meeting some crazy characters along the way.

It was cool going into the play not knowing more about the story, so I could just have fun and watch it rather than compare it to the book or the movie.  Same goes for movies for us - sometimes we pick flicks for movie night, like Paper Moon, True Grit, and The Conspirator, where neither of us knows much about the plot so we just sit and watch without knowing what's coming.

It was so cute!  The little girls who played the lobsters were adorable...and the teenagers who played the Mad Hatter and March Hare played crazy a little too well, you know?  The March Hare, Sarah Miller, had the best creepy, stoner laugh! :)

After the play, we walked past a group of guys who ordered 'sick 'em, boys' to their dogs right after we walked past - I assume it was a joke because the dogs were (of course) on leashes, but who freaking does that?

We had lunch at Logan's, which was fabulous as always...

...and then we picked up Bonnie's sister, Ashley, to help with a project she's working on at their parents' house.  Fun day!

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