Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary! Wow, 10 years!

I just realized today marks a special occasion!  Ten years ago today I brought my turtle home from Myrtle Beach!

I'd love to reminisce about the trip and share pictures to relive every moment, but those were the days before digital photography and I don't have any pictures on my computer!  Oh, the horror!  I had a film camera and had pictures developed, scrapbooked the ones I wanted to keep, and threw away the rest.  OMG it doesn't seem like that long ago we didn't rely on computers for everything!

I did scan one picture from that trip - this is Lance Bass.  At least we were all convinced it was him - he pulled up beside the car we were all riding in at a stoplight and asked if he could come ride with us.  Um, yes please!  Two minutes later, he (along with his buddies) was pulled over for driving like a maniac and we laughed our asses off!

During the trip we visited many franchises of Wings and Eagles looking for making fun of the craptastic souvenirs they sell, and we all fell in love with the tiny turtles that filled the aquarium by the register at each store.  We all made a pact that we would each get a turtle on our way home at the end of the trip, and nobody backed out!  It's not a big responsibility like getting a puppy (which we all know I can't handle :( miss you Beemer!), but I wasn't sure I would actually buy one.  I'm not usually impulsive like that, so I surprised even myself that I came home from the beach with a new pet.

I know that taking pictures of pictures is SO annoying, but because of the aforementioned lack of digital files dating back to 2001 this is the only picture that shows how tiny the turtle was when he first came home!

That glass bowl is about the diameter of a dinner plate, maybe a little bigger like a charger, and his shell was about the size of a poker chip?  He was SO cute!  They grow based on the size of their environment, so since we've upgraded his digs a few times, he's now the size of a hockey puck...

It has since become illegal to sell the turtles, so we got ours just in time.  But, I have some bad news.  Five of the six turtles purchased that day died within weeks (months) of buying them.

Moment of Silence...

Turtle and I have had our ups and downs, moved a couple times, experienced a traumatic incident involving a cat we were cat-sitting (he doesn't like to talk about it), and we both made it out alive with the help of Zoey and Dave!

Happy anniversary Turtle! :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary Turtell!! :D

    Oh and that was so Lance. Remember we heard later that he was in MY beach that week.