Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great Kitchen Purge of 2011

Last weekend, I got so fed up with my kitchen!  I am sick and tired of opening cabinets and things falling on me, or having to take out 30 things to get to a casserole dish hidden in the back, or not being able to find what I want because gadgets are in 3 places in the kitchen. ENOUGH!  

Motivation fought off the procrastination monster long enough for me to go through each and every cabinet in the kitchen and find things that we don't need.  That means the item:

  • has either never been used or hasn't used the object in a great while
  • doesn't work as expected or is plain ol' broken
  • was an impulse buy or style item that isn't practical
There are probably items that I was just sick of looking at, too, but I can't remember.  :)

I started with an empty kitchen table:

Then I did a mad dash through the baking pans and casserole cabinet:

Then I took a break for a birthday dinner plus Easter.  :)

I got back to it and filled up the table, and then some!

Phew - that's a lot of unwanted items!  I can't believe after all the times I went through the cabinets for yard sales and such that I still found this much stuff to get rid of. I guess I really meant business this time! :)

A couple people called dibs on whatever I got rid of, but then I found out my friend is getting an apartment and doesn't have any kitchen stuff, so he got true first dibs on the table o' items.  When I informed one of the original dibsters, I imagine his reaction went something like this:

So here's what's left after I packed up the little kitchen starter kit:

  • Apple platter

  • Corn plate

See anything you want?  Let me know - otherwise it's all going to Goodwill next weekend!

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