Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 30th Lora!

Bonnie's cousin, Lora, turned 30 on Friday, and her mom (Aunt Karen) threw her a surprise birthday party fiesta last night!

I prepared myself for said fiesta by purchasing a lovely sombrero headband from Party City!  

Festive right?  Bonnie found a much better deal - 8 plastic ones to share with others (I don't share well - haha) for the same price as my headband!

Lora thought she was coming over to her mom's to drop off Livi so she and her husband could go out to a movie, but when she got there 20 people shouted Surprise!  I think Livi was scared, and Lora might have been tipped off when she saw all of our cars parked outside! :)  Oops, we should have parked up the street!

She got a sombrero hair clip to wear when she came in!

Karen via Bonnie asked for favor ideas a few days before the party and I suggested something that people would actually use after the party - plastic maracas would be fun, but people just throw that stuff away when they get home unless they have a kids' toy box to throw them in :)  I sent her a few examples of Mexican recipes-in-a-jar, where the dry ingredients are stored in a Mason jar, and the recipe for adding the wet ingredients is attached to the jar.  She chose the Mexican Fiesta Dip and I can't wait to try it!

Karen served a wonderful dinner - tacos with all the fixins, rice, dips, and for dessert she whipped up some chocolate and nut covered bananas!  They were so tasty!

Bonnie picked up a birthday cake for Lora and we sang to her - I think Livi (Lora was holding her during the singing) thought it was her birthday...that's ok by me :)

After dessert Lora went to work smashing her pinata!

She had a few margaritas at this point, so cleaning up the candy was quite the task!  Haha!

We had a great time - thanks for the invite Karen!

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