Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New York City?!? Get a Rope! (Day 3)

After our looooong day in Brooklyn, I slept until 10am on Sunday morning!  I didn't hear anybody up and walking around since I wore ear plugs to bed, but instead of that meaning everyone else slept in it too (which is what I assumed), it meant that I was last to get up!  Carrie and Phil had already showered and ventured downtown to wait in line for theater tickets for that afternoon!  Maureen and I played Super Mario (which I still suck at, btw) for a while to kill time and then took our time getting ready for the day.

When Phil and Carrie got back with our 3pm matinee tickets for Avenue Q, we had a late breakfast where it was proposed we all speak in British accents.  Yeah, I don't know.  Phil and I sucked at it, and were lucky that Mo and Carrie allowed us to eat since we couldn't sufficiently indicate what we wanted.  We're goofy :)  The only sliver of a British accent I can muster is yelling "HELLO!" in a cockney accent, like that little girl in the "Just Go With It" trailer.  You know?  I haven't seen the movie, nor do I want to, but she's cute!   That's how Dave and I greet each other now. 

Anyways, after breakfast we hopped on the subway to go see the show!

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We walked through Times Square in an indirect route to the theater district.  I stopped in a touristy shop right off the subway to get Dave a souvenir, a sticker for my iPad case, and a pair of I<3NY socks for me!

Then we reached the chaos!  OMG sensory overload!  Remember when I said I've seen Times Square in the movies and on TV and thought it'd look exactly the same so I had no urge to see it in real life?  Well, I was kinda right - only no amount of movies or TV shows can prepare you for this.  It looked exactly as I expected, but it felt so much smaller and oppressive - there are people all around you (bumping into you, shoulder to shoulder crossing the street, coming right at you with no intention to yield the right of way), 200 inch plasma screens on the side of every building showing commercials and movie trailers, food vendors every 5 feet with the various foodie smells that come along with them, etc.  TOO MUCH!

AAAHHH!!  Ok, I'm better.  Times Square's saving grace?  Cute photo opportunity :)
Once we diverted from Broadway to a side street for the rest of our journey to New World Stages, I felt much better!  

Avenue Q was hilarious!!!  It's a pretty basic story of a college graduate moving out on his own, trying to find a place he can afford with limited job prospects and a good job to pay for a better place...but some of the characters were muppets - which I think was introduced to help us laugh our way through some of the controversial topics in the songs, like "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" and "The Internet is for Porn." There was a special muppet sex scene during the song "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)."  My favorite was "Schadenfreude" - pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others - SO funny!  Sounds like good times right?  I thought so!  I haven't downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes yet, and I can't tell you why.  Off I go...

After the show we went down to Chelsea Market - the first floor is full of shops, groceries, and bakeries, and the rest of the building is the home of the Food Network!  

We walked down the long, main hallway through some of the shops like an authentic Italian grocery and then stopped for an afternoon snack from Eleni's.  

I got a mini red velvet cupcake, and we just sat around for a while talking about my dream to open River City Sweets.  I was looking around at the displays and paint and prices and just dreaming away....

...when I woke up we headed across the street to La Bottega Caffe for dinner.  The restaurant is in the Maritime Hotel, which I think looks like a big slice of swiss cheese!  Haha.  The food was awesome, as was the pitcher of Sangria we split :)  Then I started not feeling well due to that 3rd glass of Sangria (is that a lot?  I didn't think so but I went straight from buzz to ill) so we headed home for the night.  We finished that last 30 minutes of "White Christmas" since we hadn't finished it the night before and headed to bed...we had a 5am wakeup call the next day to get on the road, so we didn't mess around! 

Last and final day of the trip to come...

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