Monday, April 4, 2011

This time it only took a year!

I have reduced my trip-to-scrapbook-production time frame by 66% - isn't that exciting!  The last scrapbook I made (other than the proposal one) was for a trip we took to Alaska in 2007.  I typed 'crapbook' in that last sentence - haha.  I didn't get around to making the Alaska scrapbook until last summer.  That's pretty bad - 3 years later I had forgotten some details and had to rely on Dave to fill in the blanks.

I was much more efficient this time - only making the book from our cruise 1 year later...almost to the day!  Bonnie and I were invited to an all-day scrapbooking workshop hosted by a Creative Memories consultant (Missey Kerens).  It's $10 and she puts out all her tools so you don't have to bring your whole scrapbooking arsenal with you for the day.  This is the perfect event for me because I have 8 hours to just work on the book, without allowing myself to be distracted by TV or dishes or shopping or whatever else life throws at you.  I had started the book at another workshop months ago but was unusually slow and OCD that day, worse than normal, so I only finished 3 or 4 pages.

I had all my pictures, brochures, tickets and receipts organized by day so this time I was able to move more quickly.  All my stuff took over a whole table and then some, but I finished!  Crystal and Bonnie were crowded on the table they shared because my crap was everywhere :)
Bonnie worked on a family book and Crystal started a book for a trip to Mexico they took last year - she's no longer a scrapbooking virgin...

See how nice and neat those other tables are?  Now look at mine :)

Cover of my cruise album :)

Here are some finished pages:
First page!  Bon Voyage!

Nate on stage at the amateur comedy night!

Towel animals left on our bed every night...

Smokin' Cubans!

Bonnie took all 3 of these - I think they're amazing!

Finally one of us won one of those damn '24 Karat gold plastic ships on a stick!' (I added the journaling on that blank green sheet later)

So glad this thing is done!  And in only a year from the trip - haha!  Here's hoping my efficiency will continue to improve :)

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