Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bonnie sent me a link yesterday to Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies and my immediate response was "OMG how soon can I get to walmart to buy some of those mini eggs?!!?"

So tonight on the way home from work we picked some up so I could get in the kitchen make some cookies!  Bonnie beat me to it and made hers this afternoon!  Hers turned out awesome - she used her tried and true Wegman's chocolate chip cookie recipe rather than the one provided, and I'll try that one next time because mine didn't turn out quite like expected!  

The best part of making these cookies is the crushing of the mini eggs!  It's like banging your knife against a metal pizza pan - your frustrations melt away with each pound of the rolling pin against these little buggers!
I used Hershey's mini eggs because they were cheaper, and I'm cheap.  :)

Dave got in on the pounding action too!

They taste awesome, but are very thin rather than fluffy and thick. 

 The taste is what matters right?  If so, these are great!

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  1. Dave in pounding action...thats what she said