Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bunny vomit cupcakes

I was responsible for bringing dessert to Easter dinner with friends, so I decided to modify the tie-dye cupcakes I made for Bonnie's birthday.  I only used 1 drop of food coloring in each of the 4 portions of batter to create pastel colors - pink, yellow, blue, green.

I am calling these bunny vomit cupcakes, because I imagine it's what the Easter Bunny's vomit looks like after eating all the pastel-colored candy that he steals from kids' baskets as he's delivering them.  Also, because they were tainted with expired milk that may have induced vomiting by any consumer of said cupcakes.  Won't tell you how I discovered that...

Anyways, here they are, in all their bunny vomit glory:

Aren't they perfect for Easter, or a little girl's birthday party?  I thought so.  Too bad no one got to enjoy them.

I think a box cake mix works better when making tie-dye cucpakes than the from-scratch recipe that I use for basic white cupcakes.  The from-scratch recipe is very thick, tastes the same once baked and is much easier to work with when portioning the batter into cupcake tins, but didn't work well for layering the batter.  You can see that each color clumped together as it baked instead of flattening out like the rainbow-colored ones I made.  Lesson learned - use the box for these!  Bonus:  it takes less time and comes out perfect every time.

So, what did we have for dessert since the vomit cupcakes stayed home?  Dave and I stopped at Wegman's, the best grocery store on earth that somehow isn't in Richmond, and picked up a pack of their cupcakes.  Still traumatized from my bunny vomit cupcake taste-testing, I didn't try the Wegman's version, but I'm sure they were moist and tasty.

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