Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carnival Pride

We are taking a cruise in March to celebrate the Millers' 10 year wedding anniversary. We did a ton of research to narrow down all the options and find THE cruise for us! We decided on the Carnival Pride, which sails out of Baltimore and stops in Port Canaveral, FL and the Bahamas!

This morning, on the way home from Lancaster, we happened to be driving through Baltimore around 10am, which is when the boat docks every Sunday. What luck! As we drove through the harbor we got a glimpse of it, and after we came out of a tunnel, it was right in front of us!

The boat is huge! And now that I see it, I am so scared to have a balcony room, even though that's what we decided to do. I watch too much Nancy Grace. I can see Nate and getting into a brother/sister fight and both going over the edge into the ocean! So, Nate - NO FIGHTING ON THIS TRIP! I am also concerned about the ratio of life boats to windows/rooms/people. We'll see. Dave and the Millers might have to deal with some of my phobias on the trip. Lucky for them.

Here is the picture Dave snapped as we were driving through:


  1. question-did you see the gosselins while you were in pa?

  2. nope - but i was mighty interested to see if i recognized the vegetable stand they went to on this week's i didn't.

  3. i'd like to go to that veggie stand, i bet they are regular cool PA amish folk.