Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Act - a review

I just finished Final Act, by Daniel Brown...

This is a book written by a friend during National Novel Writing Month in 2007, and I promised to read it over a year ago. I have had it on my nightstand for at least the last 6 months begging to be read, but it didn't happen - no good reason, just didn't. But last night, I decided I was going to follow through, so I started it and could not put it down - although I did tear myself away for an episode of Glee!

Final Act is the classic murder mystery, and played out just like I hoped! Foreshadowing and clues told me some things, and then a little twist at the end brought it all together! Love it! I'm not giving anything away so the next person who reads it will be surprised. I wanted to wake Dave up at 1 when I finished to tell him all about it, but I remembered him saying he wanted to read it, so I kept quiet!

Daniel should be proud that he has created a piece of art like this! His grandkids will be proud :)

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