Thursday, September 3, 2009

Best friends...

I’ve always been the type of person who has a few very close friends, instead of a ton of friends I barely know and only see once in a while. I’ve been thinking about old friends and new the past couple of days and have been reminiscing about the reasons why certain people stick out in my mind.

These are my friends from high school…we had things in common, but we weren’t clones of each other. We each had our own style, strengths and weaknesses in school, and taste in boys - except we all liked Jamie Newton. He was HOT.

Carrie was the crazy one. She once spontaneously faked an orgasm, a la “When Harry Met Sally,” in the bathroom at Varina High School during a band competition. I was MORTIFIED! So was the lady who came in to see what the raucous was about. She wore overalls and tank tops, showed up to school 10 minutes late with wet hair every day, and snuck out of her house when she was grounded…out the window, old school style. Was “Major League” really worth it, Carrie? :)

Cynthia was more conservative. We knew she’d graduate at the top of her class, go to a prestigious college, and be successful, but she always made time for us. I rarely saw her stressed out, even though her multiple AP classes were undoubtedly overwhelming. She had unpredictable crushes on varying types of boys in school. Her dad was a lawyer, her sister went to Duke, and she had some high expectations to live up to. And she was really funny, but didn’t let most people see that side of her. She and I were the shy ones in the group. Always found in jeans, destination t-shirt, and Keds. Always.

Then there’s Maureen. Where do I start? We bonded in middle school because we didn't really fit in. We were both a little awkward, but liked to make fun of the same people in 8th grade Algebra. That was fun - I'll never forget the way Ben draws a 9. Who knew years later he'd be one of our best friends? Anyways...back to Maureen. She was a bit of a free spirit. She dressed how she liked, paired unconventional things together and made it work. She still does and she is FAB. She embraced her curly hair and neither of us cared that no one else in our class spent their weekend watching movies instead of at parties. "Stand by Me" will always have a place on my top ten list.

The four of us were together most of the time, and there was no jealousy if Cynthia and I decided to go out alone, or if Maureen and Carrie went out, or if Maureen and I had a sleepover like old least none that I knew about. Sure we fought about stupid things, like the NERVE Maureen had getting a boyfriend! UGH...but we all know how that turned out - Congrats Mo and Phil on 9 years of marriage! :) Remember that 9 page letter I wrote to you and made Carrie and Cynthia sign - it was a letter of grievances? I can be such a bitch!

Other friends came and went, boys were hot and not, but the four of us were solid.

Love you girls and I wish we saw each other more often!

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  1. Cynthia in her Lorax t-shirt, Carrie's contagious laughter, playing ping pong in Eric's basement, making fun of Ben's 9s--(I had forgotten that), playing Pearl Jam (and Nirvana) and wondering what Eddie was actually saying, singing Comfortably Numb at the back of the bus. Your letter writing, peppered with stickers of winnie the pooh. A falling out, a coming back together. I love you too. I could say more...plenty, but in short there will never be anyone like you, Carrie, and Cynthia. I'm reminded of the last line of stand by me. :)