Friday, September 11, 2009

Metro Richmond Zoo

For day 2 of our vacation, we went to the Metro Richmond Zoo. Who needs to go all the way to DC?

This zoo is great because it's small enough that you don't feel you have to rush to see everything, and there is rarely a crowd there. We were a little scared when we saw 4 school buses in the parking lot, but the group left right after we got there. Crisis averted!

I saw what I thought was an amazing thing while we were at the orangutan exhibit. A plastic water bottle was laying in the grass - I assume someone threw it over there? The orangutan picked it up, dipped it in the mote that surrounds the exhibit, and drank the water he collected. Maybe this is normal behavior, but I thought it was the most awesome thing! Him smart.

Tomorrow is a yard sale and a game night - the fun never stops! Well, until Sunday, when it is homework time!


  1. I'm guessing that Orangutan saw someone using the bottle to drink from and that's how he learned. Very smart! :)

    Thanks for going!! I had lots of fun!!

  2. that orangutan is really smart. he points and laughs at us humans that go to the zoo.