Monday, September 14, 2009

Tonight's treat...Butternut squash muffins!

When Bonnie and I left the zoo the other day, we stopped by Chesterfield Berry Farm. I picked up an eggplant and a butternut squash.

After searching high and low for a recipe that didn't have 3 cups of sugar - that is a lot of sugar!!!!! - I decided to make these muffins. They're cooling now...hope they are tasty!

Also, Dave taught me how to take closeup pictures that are actually in focus, instead of just one part being in focus. Yay for that!

This was the batch that used up all my flour in the active container.

When I opened my backup container later to make a second batch - still have 2 cups of squash - I found flour bugs!! EW!!! I knew I shouldn't have bought so much flour at one time! GROSS - I hope no one ever has to see that sight! Blech.

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