Friday, September 11, 2009

National Aquarium

Bonnie and I had planned to be off all this week to do some road trips and go to the beach, but things didn't turn out that way for me! So we stuck to 2 road trips - the first was to Baltimore. (That's Balmer for us Virginians)

We picked up Bonnie's aunt, Karen, on the way up and hung out all day on the harbor. First stop was the National Aquarium. We walked around the aquarium first - saw some fish, frogs, birds, and stingrays. I made friends with a guide, who I'll call Pearl, and I'm pretty sure she told me a dolphin was the same as a Beluga whale. Really? I don't think so. Pearl needs to go back to school.

Then we headed over to the new building (new to us, anyways) to watch their dolphin show. I wish the show was less about the environment and more about the dolphins (hence the name), but I understand we're sending a message to the kiddies about conservation.

This is the only picture that was decent - those dolphins move fast!

Ok, this one's good too:

After the dolphin show, we walked around Harborplace and had Johnny Rockets for lunch - mmmm, tuna melt with pepperjack cheese! We visited the Coach store, and didn't buy anything! The sales girl said Coach is lowering prices to respond to consumers' needs, but of course the bag I picked up was one whose price has not been adjusted. Such is life - but isn't it pretty?

We were pretty spent after all that, so we headed home - day 2 is coming soon!


  1. Nice pictures!! :) I stole them!! :P

  2. aw i didn't know karen was with ya'll :( secrets..