Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Candy-free Easter Baskets

I love spoiling the kids in my life when it comes to holidays and birthdays. I know life isn't about presents, but it's so cute to see their little faces when they get a surprise! :)

My nephew can slam some chocolate so he is the exception here and will be gifted some candy, but I have never seen these 3 little girls' parents feed them chocolate. Never. Maybe they do, but I've never seen it so I don't want to give their kid something they don't usually let them have.

So this is how I create an Easter basket that contains no chocolate. Note - this is a random assortment of characters because I pulled things from each basket. I guess a kid could be into both Batman and Ariel, though.
  • Socks - you can find these really cheap just about anywhere in cute designs. One of the girls in deep into Curious George but it's near impossible to find merchandise other than online. Hopefully this monkey-who-clearly-isn't-George will be a good stand-in. :)
  • Crazy straw - I got these for the older kids to make drinking out a real cup more fun
  • Flash cards
  • Stickers - I will claim amnesia when these end up on the inside of the car window. What stickers? I would never give a baby stickers!
  • Slinky - the jingle says it all: it's a wonderful toy
  • Ellie is obsessed with balls and we might throw them around the house when I watch her. I thought a really soft one might be better for our little game
  • Crayons - you can never have too many, plus Batman!
  • Clothes - Target and Babies R Us always have cheap ($30$5) separates on sale in the spring that are just too cute to pass up! To keep things cheap I got 1 piece for each kid, either a shirt or leggings in some pattern or print that matches their personality. I got ones for Agnes with little ballet shoes on them since she's enthusiastically been watching ballet recently
  • Bubbles - all the kids love them. Bonus points if Uncle Dave pretends the bubbles are poison and have to be popped before they touch his skin!
  • Character trinkets - these are cheap from Party City and might not last more than a month, but they'll provide some entertainment while they last. 
  • Band-aids - they make these for just about every character (except Curious George!)

Other ideas:

  • Puzzle
  • Movie, book, or CD (Agnes will probably get the Annie soundtrack if I can freaking find it - why wouldn't they make the original soundtrack more available since Annie is a thing again? I refuse to buy her the new version. I'm an Annie purist.)
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Colorful hair bands
I had to control myself - every time I brought home a bag from Target or Party City I got the side eye from Dave. He knows the baskets are overflowing at this point - that pair of heart pants in the picture is teetering on top only secured by the tissue paper surrounding the basket handle.

I already mentioned that my Batman- and Bubble Guppies-loving nephew will get some chocolate since he loves it, but each little girl is just getting a snack-size bag of veggie sticks because they all love them! Dave can pound some veggie sticks too - he eats like a toddler!

I found the baskets at Party City for $1.79 and used some Dollar tree ribbon and washi tape to dress them up for Easter:

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